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Can a ‘sane’ person be a shooter?

ID-100107505In an old comedy show, Chris Rock was like they keep wondering about these shootings, what the kids are watching and what music are they listening to. What about crazy, he asks, what happened to just crazy?

This was in the nineties, when shootings were few and far between.

As hilarious as he is, he it a nerve with me. See I’m crazy. Certifiable in fact. I’ve been diagnosed, medicated, and well, shamed.

I have Bipolar Disorder, and that might make some people scared. But I’ve never hurt anyone. You know who I’m scared of? Sane people with guns.

Usually these people who kill other people are ‘sane.’ Why is it considered sane to own a small contraption that can kill people?

And let the record show: More people with mental illness are victims of crime not perpetrators.

Don’t you think it’s a little crazy to want to collect guns whose only purpose is to kill? I don’t care if it’s animals or people. I happen to like animals. I happen to like people.

I think there is something really angry about wanting to own a device that will only destruct.

Look I know people who own guns, friends, family. I don’t hate them for owning guns. I question them, I don’t like that part of their existence, but I don’t hate.

I think they might have some hate for me because I hate guns. I don’t really think anything good can come from a gun. Your rights? When guns were put in the Constitution was the same time that slaves were 3/5’s of a person. Perhaps some laws need to change with time. I, for the record don’t believe we should take guns away from all the people. What I do believe is that we should make it harder for people to get guns automatically out of anger, and big machine guns etc. should be impossible for the average citizen to get. What recreational quality does a machine gun have?

But really we have to ask ourselves, why so many shootings? It takes a village to raise these shooters, what exactly are we doing wrong? I mean there is something to be said for the fact that every video game and blockbuster movie is violent. They won’t show people making love on T.V. but they will show them killing one another. What does that tell kids?

We have messed up kids, because we have messed up parents. Most of you all who own guns are not messed up parents. But then there is that one, who is a complete failure as a parent and teaches his child that guns are the way to solve problems, and there we have a problem.

And the fact that anyone can raise a child, without even taking maybe a class in child rearing, makes for some terrible parents. You should have to get a permit to have a child, just as you get a permit to drive a car. If you can’t drive, you can’t get a license. If you are an asshole, you should not be able to have kids. Period.

There should be an asshole test instead of a IQ test.

There is a deep violence and anger that is running through our society, mass shootings are a symptom of this. I agree that it is more about this anger than about gun control. These shooters could find guns, the fact that we make it so easy is not helping, but they would get them regardless.

But when you teach your child who has anger issues that he inherited from you, that owning a gun is the best way to get the ‘bad guys’ you may be doing a disservice to your kid.

I have a good friend who is a strong woman and wants to get a gun. She is a single woman who has been violated by men before, she works in Detroit, she lives alone and she wants to be safe. I can respect that. I don’t want to take away her rights. She will most likely not shoot up a school in her neighborhood even though she’s getting her Master’s Degree.

This issue isn’t really about guns, is it? Again, it’s about violence and anger.

Anger at a society that isn’t fair to a lot of people. Anger at a society that isolates people who are different or weird. These people who shoot are usually outsiders.

Maybe if we took a moment to look at ourselves, and how judgmental and flat out mean we are to some people, maybe we wouldn’t have this problem.

But again, boo hoo. I felt isolated as a child sometimes. Hell I feel isolated sometimes even now.

I deal with it. I don’t go around shooting people who have ‘wronged’ me.

I don’t know if these people were raised mostly by watching T.V. and playing violent video games. Their parents were most likely neglectful and abusive.

Again, we don’t teach parenting in school, do we? We don’t require parents to get continuing education like we demand of our doctors and teachers. Doctors and teachers are not gonna save your kids people.

There is this sense of entitlement that is running through our society. There is this notion that when something goes wrong in our life, we don’t deserve it. That it’s somebody’s fault.

Most likely it’s your own damn fault.

Grow up and deal with it like an adult.

We are not raising adults anymore, we are raising kids who whine a lot. Kids who think they are entitled to things going their way.

Things are never going to go your way, and if you need a gun because you are angry about that…I don’t know what to say…


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 October 4th, 2015  
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