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Trash T.V. and other Wild Dreams

ID-10062845I don’t know about you but I love watching crap on T.V. that is generally speaking, abominable. Someone in a movie, The Other Woman, is talking about going to “Brain Camp!” I love it, it’s complete brain candy.

Watching trash T.V. is the equivalent of the opposite of brain camp. More like brain crack. It’s so stupid, yet mortifyingly addictive. Cameron Diaz, a highly mediocre millionaire, is well also a mediocre actress. ¬†She is just pretty enough to be an actress, but not talented enough to make a statement. But raise your hand if you wish you had her life!

The rich and famous always seem so happy don’t they? Until they start a heroin habit. A famous actress can go from heroine to heroin in a heart beat.

It’s the way of the world, isn’t it? “Selfish people live longer, it’s a fact,” another infamous quote from The Other Woman. Do you think you are selfish? Most likely you don’t think so if you are, and if you aren’t you aren’t.

I would say I’m a little selfish, I want to be rich and famous. But I’m not selfish enough to write trash in order to get there. I don’t honestly think I could write a trashy novel to begin with, it’s not because I’m holier than thou as much as it is that I’m incapable of spending time writing garbage. Maybe I am incapable of selling my soul, I don’t know, nobody’s tried to buy it.

So actresses sell their soul on a constant basis. They must know how bad some of these movies they make are, however they make enormous amounts of money from total trash. I’m not going to sell my soul by writing complete crap.

However, what I am going to do every now and then is endorse a product or service that I believe in. I will not endorse a product or service I don’t believe in. Yes I’m sorry to say this page will have ads soon. I’m doing this so I can make some money writing.

I wish I lived in a void and my blog just went viral and I made millions—somehow or the other. Even then I think I would have to advertise now that I think about it. But there is no void. Trust me I’ve checked.

I mean there is a void, but no money in the void. Just nothing. Again trust me, I’ve been there.

Since you and I live in the real world, most of the time…you and I can only visit the void. We live here. People sell things here, and they hope they don’t sell their souls in the process.

I started this blog because I thought it was a way to get my writing out there. But while doing the blog I realized it was much more than just that. I’m not just writing this to market my ‘talent.’ I’m writing this because a part of me needs to. I need to write like I need food. I would probably eat less if I wrote more. I need to express myself through the written word.

Say what you want about the evils of the Interwebs, but one thing is for sure. You can instantly connect with people, like lots and lots of people. My soul is involved in this writing thing. My soul is fed by it. The fact that I can write something and then put it up the next minute, is incredible. The fact that you are reading this blows my mind.

I promise you that I won’t sellout by becoming a mediocre writer in order to fill some mediocre void in this universe. I will still be me.

Now I really want to get my work out there. I’m scared of failing. I’m scared of not being good enough. I’m scared no one wants to hear what I have to say.

But I’m gonna do it anyways.


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 October 5th, 2015  
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