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I Just Don’t Know Anymore…

SIkh ManThis is a picture of a Sikh man not a Muslim man. Sikhs are a religious group based in India. Please google us and learn more.

I don’t know if I can write this post. I broke out in to tears at dinner today. I was at an Indian restaurant with a white friend and I told her I was really sorry but I couldn’t handle what is going on. Two things, there are anti-Muslim rallies going on today and tomorrow. We got an email from the Gurudwara or Sikh Temple to be careful, people think Sikhs are Muslims because Sikh men wear turbans and have long beards. There could be violence targeted towards Sikhs. Second, there were two more school shootings today. Enough said.

Look I’m a little discombobulated. I don’t know if this is the right thing to say. I don’t know if these two issues are related but I’m related to both issues. I’m going to be random and senseless today.

I’m a Sikh and I’m a professor. Yes, this affects me directly. Yes, I’m angry. Yes I’m scared. Yes, I’m sad.

Stop this. Someone just stop this. I have to write this down, I have to send it out. I don’t neccearily want to write about this. I want to be upset about this and do nothing but cry. But I’m not a cry baby. I’m a Sikh. Sikhs are saints and soldiers. No, I don’t religiously practice every single thing that followers of my faith believe in. I have my own interpretations and my own way. However, one thing I did learn from my religion: you have to fight against injustice. We are a peaceful group of people. Let me repeat that, all we want is peace. However we will not let others live without peace.

I learned at Sikh youth camps: You have to stand up. Our Sikh Gurus stood up for Hindus who were being converted to Islam back in the day. They fought so someone else would have the right to practice their religion. Guess what, it’s time we all fought for the right of Muslims to exist peacefully in this country.

And it’s about time everyone understands that men and women who wear turbans are Sikh, not Muslim.

Dearborn, Michigan, about forty-five minutes away from where I live is where the highest Middle Eastern population outside the Middle East lives. There will be an anti-Muslim rally tomorrow in Dearborn planned by the Open Carry Advocates. The gun lovers.

The word ‘hate’ should be eliminated from the dictionary. What sane person goes to a gathering where hate is being celebrated? Let me get this straight those that are protesting: a bunch of Muslims created things like ISIS because they hate people who are not Muslim, and you all hate back all of the Muslims in the world, because this group is violent. You want to take out your guns, because you have that right, and point them at a minority community of innocent people. And to further this you are so ignorant you might target the wrong community, and attack Sikhs by accident.

How dare you. How dare you take away our peace of mind. I was in New York on 9/11. What I learned from that experience was: you don’t let the threat of violence take over your life. You march on. We will march on. We will walk proudly with our turbans. You think you can scare a Sikh? Think again.

We will fight to protect Muslims so they have the right to practice their religion. We are not going to say don’t you dare come to the Gurudwara, but here is directions to the Mosque. This is about humanity. This is about all of us. If there is one man lying in chains anywhere, none of us are free.

And on that same note, you want your guns? No one is going to take away your guns, so don’t act like crazy fools and protest against the President of the United States. In fact the point is to check and make sure and double check that crazy fools don’t get a hold of guns. We just want to make it extremely difficult for guns to get in the wrong hands. If you are a regular person and want some guns for fun, NOBODY is taking that away from you. You heard me, stop being so paranoid. This is not about you.

It’s about feeling safe in a world that is crumbling all around us. What is going on in general? What is happening to people?

I still have faith. I have faith that people are inherently good. I actually believe this madness will get better. I have hope and belief that people will realize they are better off with peace than with mad chaos.

I don’t usually post things in the night, but I’m afraid something will happen tonight. I don’t want to think I did nothing and said nothing. I’m standing up in the only way I know how. Please be aware and help protect Sikhs and Muslims. Whoever you are, wherever you are, please try and learn about us. We are are good people. We would do the same for you.


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 October 10th, 2015  
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