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image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

So before I forget and do the dishes or move some stuff around instead of cleaning, let me tell you this: So a college kid in my class does his research paper on the medicinal value of LSD. He says it cures mental illness.

I might be mentally ill but I’m not mentally ill enough to drop acid.

I’m serious I think yes, you have to be mentally ill to try LSD, and if it cures you…I don’t know you might become sane and not try it again.

I asked him what it does to people. He said something about colors, he could see colors better, more intensely. You just had the best trip of your life and all you came back with is something a box of crayons could give me: colors. Go to a fucking museum and look at some real paintings.

image curtesy of Idea go at

image courtesy of Idea go at

I think these kids don’t know what it’s like to see a real color, like the color green on a tree because they are locked up in their houses playing video games and trolling the Internet all day. These are not real colors people, look at the sky sometimes and you will really see blue.

Then the kids started having a discussion about bad trips, and how they are worse than hell, because they’ve all been to hell? Because there is a place called hell? Oh I forgot, drugs are hell. The atheist in my class, in particular, had a bad trip, didn’t find god, and is convinced he’s right.

I’m not against the legalization of weed, mostly because I don’t think it’s any less harmful than alcohol or cigarettes. We once had a debate in my other class about the legalization of Marijuana and one kid who was against it asked, very insightfully, “Is this going to uplift society?”

I don’t know, maybe not. I mean it will get you high but it won’t uplift shit. I really liked that question, “Is this going to uplift me, or just keep me in this hole that I’m stuck in?”

What hole are you stuck in?

Anyways, the jury is in, I did very well in my supervisor’s observation of me teaching and on my student evaluations! That of course was for one class. The other class pseudo hates me cause they wouldn’t get into the debates and lots of them wouldn’t talk so I threatened to hurt their grade if they didn’t buck up.

Then my supervisor told me, “Perhaps a debate every class is a bit much.” I have three hours to kill, and there is only so much talking about arguing you can do, at some point you must argue. I let them pick the issue. I usually don’t take a side, usually. Sometimes my passion gets in my way, or I funny enough find myself arguing for a side I don’t believe in because they are not articulating their points well.

As for LSD there was a group of hippies that used to do LSD but started meditating and got the same high. It’s possible and it won’t give you flashbacks. When I go on these hiatus’s from my blog …well there is just so much I want to say.

I try to stick to a topic, but then I digress.

On the teaching note, there’s a chic in my class who came to almost every class, participated, looked smart, looked like she was taking notes and participated. I wasn’t paying attention, but it turns out she didn’t turn in a single paper the entire term. She even did her final presentation. Weird right? How did I not notice until I did the final grades, weird huh? And they want me to try LSD as my brain is not scattered enough.

I think that girl might be a spy though, I’m not kidding. Ok I’m kidding. I like to think that rather than thinking she’s some boring idiot.

I just want to say random things like:I got a French manicure and I had a margarita with dinner. We met a lovely couple at dinner, then found out they are Trumpees as I call them, devotee’s to Trump. I find that I still like them, but I am disturbed by these conflicting feelings.

I also recently discovered Spotify. Did you know you can get all the Indian music in the world on there? Funny, better than Pandora.

These people don’t pay me; they should pay me to say these things.

OK, I’m a little wired, I just read what felt like a million research papers on various disturbing social issues. Then there was the one on LSD. I’m having my own trip…

This is what I really believe, you do glimpse into a heaven-like state with drugs, and they say with LSD you never forget that there is another side. However, you can visit that place naturally as well without burning your brain. How?

By really looking at a tree. By really noticing the sky. By breathing and closing your eyes. By meditating. By listening to music, really listening. god is hiding in the pauses between notes. In the silence.


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