Forty-Something Years in Ninaland


What you sow, So shall you reap


I killed a plant. I don’t know. I blame it on the election. The bad vibes from the T.V. hit the poor thing and it could not stand Donald Trump’s voice. What is the exact protocol for dead plants? Do you have a funeral? I’m gonna be honest I didn’t know this plant very well. Nor did I treat it very well.

Unfortunately for me, I watched both political parties National Conventions. In the end, the only thing it makes you want to do is look at plants, at trees, and take a walk outside. I don’t agree that one should be apathetic to politics, but at what point do you have to just live your life and let those fools figure it out for themselves? At what point do you have to get in touch with your soul again because you are not sure if anyone in politics remembers that they have a soul?

It’s Sunday, Super Soul Sunday is on the Oprah Network. It’s a show where Oprah interviews spiritual people. So back to dirty politicians…what exactly is their motive? They have money…it is fame? Power? A little bit of all the components of ego.

In most Eastern thought ego is your biggest enemy. Do you think it’s possible that maybe some of these people running for office actually care about the country? I thought Bernie Sanders did, but I’m over it. I’m going to cast my vote to Hillary so that Donald does not win. Forget all other loyalties people, let’s make sure the Donald does not become the President.


I don’t know if politicians have souls, but do you think plants have souls? I do actually. I’m kind of sad about this plant dying. It reminds me that I fail sometimes at taking care of things in my life. I should have watered it more regularly. I should have cared when I saw it limping to its death.

Sometimes I want to live in a forest, in a closed community, but it has to be near a city. I like trees but I also like people. I think trees have the wisdom of ages in them, their very nature is to know. They’ve been around and literally have seen so much. This plant that died, saw me go through a year or so of ups and downs. Maybe the plant couldn’t take it anymore…you know me.

I shouldn’t take it personally that my plant died. But someone told me if you can’t raise a plant, you can’t raise a pet, and eventually, you can’t raise a kid. If this is true I’m in trouble. I was thinking I might adopt a kid one day. But when I watch these politicians I think no one is going to help my kid live a life. And as indicated by the plant, I may not be able to do this alone.

yin yangI think I need a co-parent for my plants. It’s hard being single these days. Maybe the country needs two parents, two presidents, a man and a woman. The yin and yang. There’s a thought. Maybe there are two gods, male and female. I suppose this is all based on the heterosexual model which could be contested. I have a new theory, the male god created the earth, which basically sucks right now. The female god is busy creating heavenly places. I know it’s a sexist model.

I never said I wasn’t sexist. I honestly believe women are superior to men. The reason? Because their emotional and spiritual capacities are at a higher level than men’s. I mean everyone should be treated equally, but we all secretly know that the woman is just better at facing life. Hmmm…I’m wondering whether I should share this thought about women to the world.

I know, it’s reverse sexism and yadda, yadda, yadda. Please, there are worse things I could say. I mean now that we are on this subject it is the men who are most of the rapists, the murderers, and the terrorists. Fighting terror to these politicians could mean trying to teach men how to act like humans.

Can you imagine that there would be a female Donald Trump, a woman who was like him? I have a hard time imagining that. I don’t think Hillary Clinton is better suited to be prez because she’s a woman. I think she’s better suited to be president because she knows how to be a human.

So let’s just go full circle here. Back to my dead plant. This plant is neither male nor female, I think. It’s not a republican or a democrat. But it found this world too ugly to live in. I didn’t respect and care enough for this beautiful part of nature. That’s my bad.

If the earth looks like this plant pretty soon. Don’t cry. It’s our bad.


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 July 31st, 2016  
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