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Man in the Mirror

man in the mirror

Admit it, you loved Michael Jackson. Admit it, even if he molested small children, what does that have to do with his musical genius? Admit it, you like that he was neither man or woman, white or black. Admit it, he is a legend neither alive nor dead, guilty or innocent. Admit it, the man could sing. And dance.

Admit it, most musicians are in fact, temperamental, crazy and a little drugged most of the time. Admit it, you think you can sing when you are alone in your car. Admit it, you might even think you can dance. Admit it, you are drugged with anti-depressants most of the time.

Admit it, you feel violated by Bill Cosby even though he’s never touched you. He touched your heart, and you hate him for that. He was one of the good guys, the fun guys, the guy making a statement about race. He was everyone’s dad. How dare he rape your heart. How dare he drug you with his humor. Admit it, you miss him and still think he’s funny.

bill-cosby-faceAdmit it you love to hate Donald Trump. Admit it, at this point every pathetic word that comes out of his nasty mouth makes you feel a little better about yourself. He’s a fool, you are better than him. Everyone, anyone in fact, any human is better than him. I’ll admit I would make a better president than him, and I am a crazy controversial communist writer of a fairly unknown blog.

donald trump

Admit it, what we truly love about Trump, is that in contrast he makes everyone look good. Admit it, all of sudden George W. doesn’t seem like such a monster. For a moment at least, Trump makes the rest of the Republican party seem almost honorable. Admit it, you think Trump is evidence that there might be a Satan. Admit it, even the devil you envisioned wasn’t this stupid.

Admit it, you look at what Hillary Clinton wears and notice and sometimes even remember it. You have no idea what any male politician is wearing at any given moment. Admit it, on election day you secretly want to write Michelle Obama’s name on the ballot. Admit it, part of the reason you like Ms. Obama so much is because she dresses well.hillary wardrobe

michelle wardrobe

Admit it, you are more worried about your taxes being raised than about small children drinking lead poisoned water in Flint, Michigan. You didn’t put the lead in the water, they should figure out how to fix that. You have no more money to give. Admit it, with all that tax money you’ve saved, you only drink bottled water.

flint water

Admit it, you thought Bernie Sanders was a good guy, but a dreamer. You stopped believing in dreamers after JFK was shot, MLK was murdered and John Lennon was assassinated.  Admit it, “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, one day I hope you join us, and the world could live as one…” is a crock of shit in your eyes.

bernie sanders

Admit it, you text at red lights. I do, I will admit it. It’s kind of half illegal, ok admit it, it might be totally illegal. Admit it, you swear you don’t know what to do with the nothingness of red lights anymore. You used to stare into space, or go take walks in your equivalent of ninaland. Admit it, you are nothing now without these devices. Admit it, you are a robot.

Admit it, you are lonely. You may have people around you, you may have a family and friends and hundreds of Facebook friends, but something is not right. Loneliness has nothing to do with being alone. It may have to do with not being heard. Not beging able to say things that matter to no one but you. Admit it, no one knows the real you. Admit it, you have something to say. Admit it, you don’t have a clue what it is.

Admit it, you don’t think you will die in a shooting or a terrorist attack. You don’t think you will get Cancer. You don’t think you could possibly get into a car accident because you only text at red lights. Admit it you think these are things that happen to other people. Admit it, you are other people.

Admit it, you hate your job. Admit it, sometimes you don’t even know what you do for a living. Sometimes you think you were hired to read emails. Admit it, work life was better before everyone and their brother could email you. Admit it, besides email and articles on the Internet, you haven’t read anything close to real book in a while. Admit it, you don’t care. Admit it Donald Trump probably hasn’t read a book in decades and it doesn’t really bother you.

Admit it, while you are reading this at a red light, admit you helped create this monster we call The Donald. Admit, you and I had a hand in it, even if it was minuscule. Admit it, yes you. Even if you are a really good person. Admit it, you are not a really good person. Admit it in the darkness of the night you have had dirty racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic thoughts. Admit it, Trump is America’s man in the mirror.

Admit it, you would like Hillary better if she were younger, and prettier and softer. If she cried every now and then. Admit it you don’t think you are sexist. Admit it, all the men mentioned above, a child molester, a rapist, an egotistical billionaire, and a failed presidential candidate were once our heroes. Admit it, we rarely think of women as heroes.  Admit it, you are sexist. I admit it, Hillary is far from perfect. Admit it, you and I are not perfect. Admit it, men have been running America thus far and notice how well things are going. Admit it, it’s time America saw a woman in the mirror.


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 August 5th, 2016  
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