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“This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal.”—Toni Morrison

I’m not just philosophically and principally upset that a madman has become president, I’m personally affected in a direct manner. We now will have a Republican House and Senate, a crazy Republican president, and a Supreme Court that could turn mostly Republican. I will tell you what it means for me.

I could lose my health insurance. I cannot survive without health insurance, I have a disease, Bipolar Disorder, and some of my medication costs 600 dollars a bottle. I’m on a government sponsored student loan forgiveness program, if this plan is cut I will owe an exorbitant amount of money because I had the privilege of attending an Ivy League college.

Yes, I cried for a few minutes when I found out the results of this election. And then I prepared myself. What am I preparing myself for? A fight. I fight with words, I know no other way of protest. There are people in much worse circumstances than myself. I fight for them, and I fight for me.

My first step is just to talk about it, to write about it, to bring awareness that this all hits home in a way many people underestimate. People are joking about moving to Canada. Well, in all seriousness if I lose my health insurance I may move to a country that has free health insurance. I will leave my home for my health.

And after all, what kind of home is this? My home is the world, not just a country. America is wonderful, however, it may not be the best suited for me. If the Supreme Court reverses Roe vs. Wade, if the government never raises the minimum wage, if more men start thinking it is OK to sexually assault women. Yeah, I’m ready to leave.

I had a student who was triggered emotionally by Donald Trump because she was once sexually assaulted. Many women are suffering from this Trump syndrome lately and no one is really talking about it. How can we all just sit around and let this occur? This is beyond normal government bullshit. This just got real.

I know there are countries far worse than the U.S. I know there are dictators that are far worse than a clown like Trump. But maybe there is something better out there as well.

This is what it has come down to people. In a worse case scenario, I’m considering leaving my friends and family and everything I know…for my security. Now hopefully my voice will be heard. By who you ask? Who is listening to this little blog? There are enough people listening that it matters. I may send this as a letter to the president. The reason I will send it is because one letter to the president is considered like 100 letters. The government thinks that at least 100 people think as you do if you send them a letter.

What will you do? Please do something. If life gives you nasty lemons, throw those lemons out. Don’t make nasty lemonade. I’m a nasty woman, and I’m throwing out the notion that I am powerless. Oh, I will make a difference. If any good has come out of this it has woken me up.

I need to do something for my very survival. This is real, this is not about political theories and hypothetical situations. If I don’t do something I may not be able to live in the country that I was born and raised in.

And let me tell you something else. I am not afraid. Trump can play the fear card, but I have a better hand. I know better than to let some misguided leader misguide me. Oh no, not I, I will survive! Oh, as long as I know how to love, I know I’ll stay alive…

How is this change in government going to affect you? Think hard about it. If it isn’t affecting you directly, then think of someone like me. Or better yet think of yourself in my position, or in a position worse than mine. There are those who have three jobs and go to school with children and loans and credit cards to pay. Some of these people are my students at the local college.

I make them debate current issues regularly. I polled them and only one third were voting. But the truth is I can’t wait for someone else to vote the right way for me. I can’t wait for someone else to speak for me. I must speak, yell at the top of my lungs. These words are my lungs people. Help me breathe…

My mother told me not to publically say anything bad about our new president because I could get into a lot of trouble. She’s not the wrong, if Trump is offended by comedians and SNL skits about him, he will not like me. If he ever gets to know me he will hate me. I do not stand for anything that man stands for. However, he will be in fact the president. He could, in fact, affect me negatively in some way.

Will fear of that stop me? No. I will do my part. Do your part. Let’s do this together. Our voices need to be heard. Most of my friends are upper middle-class Democrats. For those of you who are in that category, remember friends, there are those not as fortunate. There are those that may be deported or not allowed entry into this country. There are those who will lose their jobs, their insurance, and their dignity if the markets keep crashing, Obamacare is repealed and women keep being disrespected at a level that is incomprehensible.

You may not be in any of these categories, however, who is next in line to be hurt by this new president’s policies? You may not know this, but you may be next. But do not let fear rule your actions. I am reminded of 911. I was in New York on September 11, 2001. I remember one thing about that time: New Yorkers were not afraid! If I’m not afraid of ISIS, I’m not afraid of a man who tweets offensive garbage at three a.m.

I have about 400 readers. Do me a favor, if this post speaks to you, share it. If even a few more people read this and are called to action, then maybe we are doing something here.

I need everyone who believes in good to do something. I need your help.


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 November 10th, 2016  
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