Forty-Something Years in Ninaland

Who is that time?



The people within us are people we don’t know

The one who says hello…

The one who talks too fast and blinks too many times

Who is that person?

I placed a burnt orange flower petal at your feet

and you didn't look down

I am on my knees now 

asking you to see I am also made of space and flowers. 

Was it I who told you I need space?

Was it Me who wanted to run through that space?

run away from that space

Was it me who didn’t know, didn’t know a damn thing about time.


That there is so much space in time

that time and space are nearly of the same frequency

The same title they say didn’t fit me

Is the one I use to describe you…


They say time is an illusion,

I say so are we

we are not standing here, watching clocks

between us there is no space


me and you I think are timeless,

spaceless, and falling down in a whirlwind of air

Me and you are not here, not there

only inside me is there the world.


you and me are the world,

did you know that?

Did you know we are nothing



How can we be standing in the middle of everything?

and know nothing, about everything

and there you stood with your red sweater

and told me you didn’t want this anymore


I asked you what is this…

and you said it was nothing, nothing at all

we are just spaces between each other

but we are also the madness in our voices.


we are we are small and smaller even

we are not, we are not as dead as our dreams

that sink us in the bathroom mirror

when we stare at the mole that looks suspicious.


I am, I am not the flesh and bones that I seem to be made of

I am I am the purple inside my head

It’s not a monster exactly

I think it’s candy, it’s sweet like your face

And the small lines under your eyes.


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