Forty-Something Years in Ninaland

New Years is Not About the Time: Thomas Budday–Guest Post


New Years is not about the time. It is about the story. It is a way for us to mark a new narrative start. We are creatures of stories. We enjoy watching things begin and end. We are creatures of patterns. We are creatures of symbols.

Today you will leave a familiar home, a safe harbor, a comfortable skin, and embark to an unknown country. You will begin, in darkness, a legend of light. You will create your own story.

There will be a first breath. A great exodus of air which must quickly be replenished. There will be the first opening of eyes, a first waking, a first dawn.

There will be monsters. Villains known and hidden. There will be fangs and fists. But you will meet them well. There will also be bread and salt, comfortable chairs and sturdy hands at the end of open arms. There will be allies and tireless teachers as well.

You will pick your symbols. You will weave your journey with care. You will bloom and burn, you will shimmer and dive. You will create new motions and the patterns will affect us all.

And if you are very lucky, many stories will wind themselves around you. A million threads to keep you secure and warm. You will create a center, a place from which you build a new shape.

Tomorrow you will be brand new and I will meet you with a story in my heart.

 Thomas Budday
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