Forty-Something Years in Ninaland

There Was a Silence


I saw you across the room and I felt something stop in the middle of the air

… your dark eyes pierced my brown eyes

I saw you, and I think you could really see me…see me

As you stood there in the parking lot under the blue light

I waited for you to say something, something…

But words were already said…nothing, nothing was left

Except puddles and patches of ice on the cememt.

you were waiting for me to say something, something.

And the red lights of our cars finally drove away from each other.

I noticed that day that you could make me laugh

and that you could laugh

not everyone knows how to laugh…

But some moments we laughed like we were kids

and said things about things, things that mattered.

What matters you asked, if we can’t prove our own existence.

You took off your shoes and I wanted to touch your feet

for some reason I wanted to feel the lowest part of you with your black and blue socks.

In India women touch men’s feet

but it wasn’t like that, i just wanted to touch your feet.

Especially when you used them to walk away from me.


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