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America, You’re Fired!


We don’t just need a new leader. We need a new America. If Donald Trump is all we could come up with, America needs to stop bragging about being the best country in the world. I don’t know what the term ‘best’ means. But I do know we are the most superficial country in this world if we think a billionaire with no experience and no mental stability should rule us.

We like to think we are an unruled country, a free country. Donald and his billionaire friends will be running this country and we all know that the rich can only get richer when the poor get poorer. You cannot have obscene wealth without obscene poverty.

I’m luckily not poor, yet. That is only because I have government funded health insurance and I’m in a program where the government is forgiving my student loans. In order for rich people to get more money, more of the middle class will become poor. If you are reading this, you are most likely in some form of the middle class. Poor people are too busy working to read blogs and rich people are too busy counting their money to care.

No matter what tax bracket you are in, you should probably be worried that the rug could be pulled from under you. Yesterday was not just another day in paradise, it was instead proof that the American dream of paradise may have an expiration date. When it comes to the government, happy days are over for a while. People with money and Big Business is going to buy us out and sell us out.

We sold out, people. We gave up.

Whether or not this new regime starts world war three, or ends all forms of public assistance, the people who are going to suffer are you and me.

It happened, yesterday. It felt like a movie, a spoof, every time they said Donald J. Trump is the president of the United States. I keep imagining the moment Obama had to give Trump the nuclear code. The must have been one of the hardest things he has ever done in his life. Forget killing Osama, killing the American people must hurt much more.

Everyone keeps saying: Give the man a chance. That’s like asking me to give a drunk pilot a chance. I will pray, and hope he doesn’t crash the plane, but I am afraid for my life the whole time.

A man who introduced the word ‘pussy’ to our dinner conversation, is now the leader of the free world. What happened to us? Where exactly did we go so wrong that made this is our representation?

One of the first orders on Trump’s list is to send back immigrant children who were brought here. Children.

From his first day, he is probably the most hated president that has ever lived. I don’t like the word hate. I think hate promotes more hate. Do I hate Donald Trump?

No, I’m sure he’s a mentally disturbed idiot who wasn’t loved enough as a child. But I hate everything that he stands for. I would have accepted anyone more, literally anyone, other than Trump as the new president. Pee Wee Herman could run for president at this point and it wouldn’t shake us. What are we turning into when we turned a stupid celebrity into a leader?

People say I need to get over the Republicans winning. Donald Trump is not a Republican. I don’t support almost anything that the Republican Party stands for and I respect them more than I respect the Donald. Trump is a maniac, who is apparently ruling a very foolish country.

Trump did not legally win the election, we all know it was hacked in his favor and he lost the popular vote. He squirmed his way into this presidency and most people are betting he will not be able to last four years without getting impeached. Yet the truth is a large percentage of Americans admire him.

It’s not Donald’s fault that he is president. It is our fault. We can’t blame him for taking an opportunity that we gave him. Who are we anyways? He is a reflection of the fact that Americans like money, fame and television. We used to call TV the boob tube because it is so ridiculous. But now we are actually living in a reality show.

So now what are we supposed to do?

Speak out! Say something! Do something!

We cannot be sheep that shut up and lay down and take this.

You know how Donald said in that infamous Hollywood video that he wanted to fuck that woman? He said he is attracted to beautiful. America is beautiful.

This is what it feels like to be fucked.


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