Forty-Something Years in Ninaland

When he Plays Piano in the Dark



You, it was always you in a tie

sitting quietly playing piano

in the dark. Someone sang about that once.

You know that

I don’t believe in love at first sight

I believe in love at first fight.

When we yelled at each other

you could hear echoes through the town.

You could see our nasty expressions through the windows.

I remember how fast my tongue moved to hurt you.

You could see the auburn highlights in my hair

from far away as I swung it in my face.

The color of my lips changed

throughout the months we fought.

It went from a deep red

to a more neutral beige tone.

You never noticed my new perfume

or the fact that I stopped saying your name.

We fought about everything but the colors

of the sky. We should have fought more

about the paintings in the air.

The sun setting or the wind blowing in what direction.

Why did we not fight about the weather?

Instead, I found her stocking under our bed.

Her, you know her, the one that I picture

is the most beautiful woman alive.

Her, the one who walked in on you

and your music, you said you make

music for her now. You used to make it for me.


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    Victor Sgorcea: True, but before you need to take the lessons from the love at first sight!
    Kulwant Kumar: I agree With You Author Nina Kaur
    Vimal Rohani: nycc
    Kulwant Kumar: Thanks Dear Author Nina Kaur

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