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A Letter to Mr. Trump


Dear Mr. President,

I know, I know you think you think you are protecting us and getting rid of terrorists by banning Muslims from entering this country. I believe you actually think you are doing the right thing. I think you are not a bad person who wants to do harm. However, in this situation, you are doing a lot of harm to all of us. To the entire world. First of all, you are fueling terrorists by giving them a solid reason to hate America: America is not allowing Muslims to enter this country. Secondly, you are violating the Constitution which states that it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of religion.

There is a saying that goes something like this: If there is a man is in chains, anywhere, none of us are free. That includes you, Donald.

The people, the law, and a great judge have stopped you from implementing this ban on Muslims. However, this might be a time to reflect on all of your objectives. Perhaps you have noticed this country is run by the people, not by you. The country is in fact not even run by the government, it is run by average citizens like myself.

I’m nobody, but in numbers when a lot of nobodies get together to protest unjust laws, those laws change. I know you are a doer, you want to do, change, and move this country towards, I’m actually not sure what you want to move it towards. If you think America was great at some point, remember in the past America was oppressing minorities and women to a horrific degree. What’s so great about that? Please tell me.

I’m not sure if you are beginning to become aware that your popularity is contingent on the fact that you make a great percentage of the people happy. In the last few days, you may have noticed: We are not happy. We are sad. Upset. Angry. Scared.

You are not a king, this is not a kingdom, you cannot just do what you want to do. We are all kings and queens of this land, and just a note from this queen, you need to back off. Take a minute. Take a breath. If all you are concerned about is getting re-elected poll the masses. You will find that 7 in 10 people believe that abortion should remain legal. You will find that that most of our concerns are economic and have nothing to do with minorities or walls.

You want to be great? Get us some decent jobs. Every human in this country deserves a well paying livable wage. Most people are pretty happy with the fact that they have health insurance, whatever you plan to do with Obamacare, please don’t take away people’s right to affordable health care. People will get really mad if you try to remove our essential right to pursue happiness. You can’t be happy if you are poor and sick. It’s that simple.

I don’t know if you want to go to another country and rule them. There might be a country out there that works and thinks like you. But America is different. We will not shut up. We will not back down. You can scare us, and anger us and even bore us with this madness day after day. But we will react and act. We are not people who sit around idly waiting for Godot. We all know Godot, or god never shows up at the end of the play. god is not going to take care of this for us, we are going to do the dirty work.


Speaking of dirt, let’s talk about the Earth that we are burning to its death. It’s hotter and hotter every year, perhaps you have noticed. I live in Michigan, which may quickly become a resort area if the weather gets any warmer. But I worry, I worry about my brothers and sisters who live in areas that are already so hot they can barely stay alive. I worry about India and Africa. We don’t just live in a country, we live in a world. Scientists will not sit quietly as you try to silence them. Climate change that is caused by humans is real. I wish you were right and it wasn’t a problem. I wish. But our wishes rarely come true when they go against the facts.

Speaking of facts. Do you know what the meaning of the word ‘fact’ is? Look it up. Google it if you must. Get it straight from the source. A non-fact is a lie. People who lie, are liars. Just an FYI.

You are worried about the media, right? I guess I’m part of the media since I’m writing a blog that thousands of people are currently reading on a daily basis. Let me tell you something, straight from the horse’s mouth. I am a mouth of the media, and I want to warn you that we can make or break you. If you do something right. Just one good thing. If you help this country move out of horrible either education, health, poverty, environmental, or violent problems, we will notice. You will get credit. The media gives credit where credit is due.

You may have noticed that you are in the negative in terms of credit with the media. Don’t piss us off anymore. Stop pissing off everybody. There is a running bet in this country that you won’t last more than six months without getting impeached. It’s not a joke. It’s not funny. This has stopped being funny the day you were elected. We are not laughing, the majority of Americans and people worldwide want you out of office.

Forget popularity, you lost that one when you opened your mouth too much. You can’t take it all back. The damage is done. You are speaking to a country that knows how to fight against injustice. Martin Luther King learned from Gandhi, if India was able to kick out the entire British regime, Americans can kick you out so easy.

Believe you me, your fate is in our hands, it’s not the other way around.

If you want to stick around as prez, you need to buck up and listen to us. We are talking, we are shouting, there is no way you can’t hear us.

We will rise.

Wait, what am I saying, we have risen.



We the People



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  1. Fantastic post! I agree with you on all accounts. We must continue to speak up and out against those that try to divide us by using fear and intimidation

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