Forty-Something Years in Ninaland

My Last Will and Testament


Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash

I am dead now. Please don’t cry too much.

A little will not kill you.

Crying is not what killed me.

Perhaps a lack of crying did it.

But really I mean it, don’t cry for me…

Photo by Andrew Worley on Unsplash

Instead, celebrate my death.

Maybe red balloons would be in order and a cake.

I loved yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

A little coconut with that never hurt anyone.

Have a party. Wear paper hats. Have a drink on me.

I was always a fan of red wine and salty margaritas.

Have a good laugh at my expense.

I was never good at formal jokes, but you know I could make you laugh….hard.

Remember how much fun we had together

whoever you are I know we had fun.

Sing songs about me.

Photo by Mike Giles on Unsplash

You should know that in the shower I thought I was the next Whitney Houston.

Remember some of you, how we would randomly break out into song. Do that for me again. One more time.

In reality, I am just a song that is over.

If you never showed up in my life but are showing up at my funeral. Fuck you. Go back home.

I would like to leave my brain to Donald Trump, there is an instruction manual attached.

Use it you fool.

I am leaving my entire wardrobe to a small village in India.

I have enough clothes to clothe a small village.

I’m leaving my eyes for my blind father.

He’s the only one who really saw who I am.

My heart is for anyone, literally anyone who thinks that love is just a feeling.

My legs are for the man on the subway in New York who threatened to kill me because I sat in the Handicapped section. He was in a wheelchair with no legs. He can have mine, he got his wish, I’m dead.

And my spirit I leave to all of you.

My spirit has not died, I’m still here in this room.

Please know that I stand next to you

when you think of me or desire me to.

I’m your dead friend.

good bye for now only


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3 Responses to My Last Will and Testament

  1. Romica Singh:
    I love your writing, Nina

  2. Facebook Comment:
    Jeff Lesiecki:
    Yellow cake and chocolate frosting is my favorite also, I like heath chips on it also, thanks for writing and speaking for a lot of us

  3. Facebook Comment:
    Kali Kelley:
    Please, Nina Kaur…no…I have lost too many…

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